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Who we are

Consulting Xperts is an Information Technology Services company who specializes in design, implementation and support of networks, network infrastructure, and the applications that run on them. We offer a comprehensive and diverse list of services that address the technology needs of small/midsize companies. We work closely with every client to provide technical consulting, implement network solutions and provide on-going support.


Your office maybe small but your business doesn't have to be, with Consulting Xperts you will have what Fortune 500 companies have for a fraction of the cost.

- Broadband connectivity;

- Secure intranet;

- Remote access (office to office or office to telecommuter);

- centralized administration;

- migration to cloud services.


You have a business to run and need your infrastructure working perfectly.  If your system crashes do you have alternatives in place?  What about viruses? Are your systems protected? Is your protection up to date?  Are you exploring all capabilities of today's cell phones, laptop's, tabletís, etc?  We can address all these issues and challenges; let our Xperts take your business to the next level. 


That's the key for a good beginning. If you have an existing network or if you are planning a new network we will help you set the infrastructure to support your immediate needs and have it scalable to grow with your business.  We will plan and implement it with top technology and latest system features to fit your specific needs.

The following is a sample of products that we support and implement to our clients:


- Dell SonicWALL - SonicWALL is the industry leader in firewall protection for small and midsize businesses providing first class security to your network while also allowing remote access (VPN) for properly authorized individuals;

- MS Windows Server 2012 R2 - Microsoft Server products are the industry standard in providing network connectivity for any sized businesses;

- MS WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) is a valuable application to fully manage a centralized distribution of updates throughout the network; it works seamlessly with Windows Servers.  We use GPO to implement it through the network;

- MS Exchange Server 2013 - Exchange Server 2013 coupled with Windows Server 2012 is the Industry standard in corporate email.  We install, setup, support and maintain Exchange servers for our clients providing any sized business with the flexibility and power of Exchange Server;

- E-mail virus and spam protection - we support on premises or cloud products specifically developed for e-mail servers to prevent virus and spam reaching your mailbox;

- System virus and spyware protection - We have experience implementing products from market leaders to protect your servers and workstations against virus, spyware and adware throughout the enterprise;

- Cloud Services - We have experience implementing new networks or moving on premises networks to the cloud. We also have experience integrating services to your cloud environment.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services

Because you don't know when your system will crash Maintenance Services are essential for your business health.  Our approach is "better safe then sorry", remote monitoring is how we implement safety in today's businesses; this will keep you a step ahead of a potential problem.  We have the means to keep your business up time and availability to the maximum according to your specific needs.  We have several plan options to fit your needs and your budget, contact us for free consultation.


Document your system is essential for an effective IT management and support.  We will provide you with comprehensive network documentation.  We can also present periodic reports according to your specific needs, contact us for free consultation.

Please contact us for a free quote.

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